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Opportunity charging for Streets and Depots

Furrer+Frey’s latest All-in-one Fast Charge Stations offer reliable, easy and efficient opportunity charging for bus operators.

All-in-One (AIO) Fast Chargers

Built to OppCharge standard, our Opportunity charger is designed for on street charging (top up charging) or Depot Charging (overnight charging). It leads the pack, is simple, safe and straight-forward.

Simple: All the components required are housed in the one unit, keeping construction and operational costs down and slotting into constrained environments.

Safe: Autonomous charging, mechanical emergency shut-downs, earth first contact sequence means risk is are minimal.

Straight-Forward: The all-in-one unit with plug+play modular components are reliable and straight-forward to maintain. If one power supply fails, the other kicks in - keeping the station working.


Power Displays

Plug+Play modules for capacity upgrades or replacements. Even if one fails, the station stays available


Safe mechanical emergency shut down


Simple integration of additional features, such as monitors for passengers, info, ads, and security cameras

Kneeling Charges

Can cope with vehicle kneeling while charging

All in one

All-In-One unit requires no separate power housing or foundations

Single Foundation

Single foundation (1m³ approx) and simple installation


One unit compatible with any "OppCharge" bus or truck

Remote Monitoring

Optimise use and spot operational and maintainence issues early with remote monitoring and control


Top-up charges mean more uptime for long journeys combined with overnight full charging

Contact Sequence

Safe contact sequence. Earth is first and last

Extendable System

An extendable system, easily add or move charging stations

Long Design Life

The design life is 10 years with 100 charge cycles a day

Easy, autonomous charging. No cables. No effort.

But don't just take
our word for it.

Our Awards

Winner of the 2020 Global Light Rail Award for Technical Innovation and the Institute of Engineering, 2021 Engineering and Technology Award for Transport.

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